Some Day To Day SHAC...

At SHAC there are two different rooms set up for studying. This one is the downstairs one but we also have another directly above it. Both rooms have desks and chairs set up with lamps for in the evening. If you need a space to do some reading or write your already overdue essay come along to SHAC and set up in one of the studies.

With so many people coming through SHAC everyday and eating there the dishes can quickly pile up! We're all really conscious of making sure the space stays neat and tidy and cleaning up after ourselves. We ask that if you come through you give us a hand by cleaning up after yourself, washing your own dishes or pitching in to help wash up the big pots of food nights.

We at SHAC are very health conscious - particularly when it comes to dental hygiene.

All of our food is either donated or dumpstered. Everything is communal and we take it in turns to cook dinners and clean up. Every Monday night there is Play With Your Food (a free food night, mostly vegan) and on Friday evenings we have Daddy's Cook Up (a run of the mill barbecue, bring your own drinks). All welcome!

At SHAC we have started setting up a garden. We have a great composting system in place and we've started growing our own vegetables. Here are some of the seedlings.

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