Regular Events


Every Monday 5.30 - 9PM

Every Monday night at the SHAC house we have a free community dinner. Bands come and play, tasty food is cooked up and gobbled down and lots of people come and make new friends or see old ones.

In keeping with our ideas on cooperative living and collective organising we'd love if you came along at 5.30 to help chop up and cook up and stir the pots of taste sensations. It's not a prerequisite for attendance but why not give it a go!?!

Every Tuesday - 8PM

Every Tuesday night SHAC will be hosting a film night extraordinare.

Featuring local films, foreign films, long films, short films, funny films, sad films, fiction films, non-fiction films, political films, bruce willis films... hopefully mostly good films (though we might chuck a bad one in occasionally just for kicks)...

If you have a film you think we should screen let us know. If you would like to have your film screened let us know. If you would like to host the screening let us know. If you want to help us set up (or get involved in the tangling of cords) come along before 7. It would be much appreciated!

EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Think of it as a slumber party without the slumber and without the party but still you know, really fun...

(P.s. Bring your own cushion if you can.)

Every Wednesday - 6PM

Starting next week SHAC will be hosting weekly skills shares on a range of things. What is a skills share? WHen someone who knows heaps about a topic (whether it be an industry, a computer program, knitting, screen printing, centrelink or more) comes and runs a workshop about it - telling you everything they know and teaching you the practical measures of their knowledge. If you think you might have some skill or skills you'd like to share let us know and you can run one!

Every Friday - 6PM

There is nothing like a great cook up at the end of the week. Every Friday SHAC will be running a big tasty barbecue cook up. There will be heaps of vegan and vegetarian options as well as (we suspect) a hell of a lot of sausages. All are welcome to come by on a Friday eve and kick back with a snack and some friendly people to unwind with... If you want to bring alcohol you can but keep in mind we're not big fans of drunkeness...

Every Saturday - ALL DAY

Every Saturday our doors will be open all day for people to come and help us out. That means you! Whether it be fixing a hole, scrubbing a wall, sewing curtains or painting pictures to hang and beautify YOU can help (and we'll love you for it).
Many, many cups of tea will be drunk... hell, we'll even make them for you.

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Liam said...

Thats a fantastic range of activities. Now if only i could stroll down to melbourne!