A Little About Us...

As we all know there is a big housing crisis in Melbourne. It's becoming increasingly difficult to find an affordable place to live anywhere near the inner-city. Students in particular are doing it tough, the pressures of having to study and work more and more because of rising rent (and food) prices is too much for many.

Studies done at Melbourne uni show that as many as 1000 students there could be classified as homeless. Many more are eligible for public housing. In this climate it's clear that we need to do something to claim our right to affordable housing.

Drawing inspiration from STUCCO - the affordable student housing co-op in Sydney which started as a squat and has been running for over 15 years - and from the Keppel St project of early 2006 where students occupied a state government building in the hope of creating a student housing co-op; we think the time is ripe to get active and build solutions.

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