Homeless Story...

I moved to Melbourne at the start of 2006 to attend a course not offered in my native NZ. By the end of my first year the money I'd saved ran out. Although I worked weekends and before class two days a week at the Vic Market I still couldn't make ends meet. So I moved from my overpriced, windowless room into a lovely condemned house in North Fitzroy. That got me through to second year but the owner eventually turned up with a wrecking ball and that was the end of that. My next place was an abandoned workers cottage round the corner. It was a historic building and the owners wanted it trashed so they could get approval to tear it down. They hadn't anticipated that squatters would move in and take such good care of it so they kept breaking in, smashing the place up and leaving threatening notes. So that was the end of that. The third place I found is a lovely old villa in Brunswick. I'm still living there and am finally at the end of my third year. If I can hold out for a couple more months I might actually get my degree!

- 'Robbie'

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