SHAC Eviction: Dinner and Camp Out at Melbourne Uni tonight!!

At 6am this morning the students residing at 272-278 Faraday st were evicted by 30 police offices without notice.

At the time of writing SHAC residents are being moved out by private security guards.

Tonight, Tuesday 14th January, a dinner and sleep out will take place. Meet outside 272-278 Faraday street at 6pm.

More details of the eviction, watch here.

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Anonymous said...

While finding a bunch of cops in your house at 6am was probably not the best way to start the day, you can't really say the eviction was 'without notice'. There was a court order permitting the University to reposess the house. You knew your days were numbered.

As far as I can tell from the news reports, the eviction was peaceful. I congratulate the SHAC members for leaving peacefully, and the cops for supressing their natural instinct to use violence whenever they see a protestor.

I hope you are all able to find alternative accomodation soon, and that your studies are not interrupted too much. Although I won't be crying for you if you find yourselves in a less auspicious address than Faraday Street, or paying more than $0 a week in rent.

Best of luck,