Good News!

The university now wants to negotiate and will not forcibly SHAC today as planned!

We still need your support - it's the reason SHAC is still going - and will keep you updated.

Don't forget we're still an open house for people to drop by! So come have a meal or come to a meeting and add your voice to the campaign!

This is really exciting stuff everyone! If we can negotiate in a positive manner with the University it will mean that there is a house available for 25 previously homeless students! Plus it will put us in a position to work with the Uni in the future to set up more student run housing co-operative in larger or different spaces.

We think student run/student used housing co-operatives are by far the best way for housing to be provided to students, particularly those of a low income or who were previously homeless. It empowers them to take an interest and pride in their living space, builds community and support networks and also results in the learning and sharing of new skills and abilities. It means the University doesn't have to take on more administration whilst supporting homeless students and cuts out the landlord/tenant hierarchy - which means more people feel empowered and involved in their community and lives.

The University has lots of empty buildings around the place that could be renovated into housing and if not we always have the support of outside organisations and the community to find buildings in the outer suburbs that could be converted. I mention this because I think some people think we just want to live in trendy Carlton. NO! We're not that attached to a latte on Lygon Street! We're only in the building because it is owned by Melbourne Uni and we wanted to make sure they were paying attention. Plus we thought it was pretty interesting that Glyn Davis - the vice chancellor - was talking about homeless students when Melbourne Uni had empty buildings (and this one had been empty for three years with no plans for it).

Thanks again to everyone for all the support they are showing us - we really appreciate it!

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Lily said...

Hey congratulations on not getting kicked out and on the progress you guys have made in general! well done! I'm so proud of all of you!! I think what you guys are doing is amazing! And I hope from here on out, SHAC will inspire and empower even more people, get more people talking about this issue and finally come up with many great win-win solutions!!